Dog ear cropping and  tail docking  is a procedure that is done to dogs of different breed and in my opinion is the cruelest thing to do to an animal . I have tried to gather some information on why dog owners do this cropping and docking to their dogs and i found some "reasons"

WHY? | Dog ear cropping and  tail docking

Dog ear cropping and tail docking

Reasons why ear cropping is done:

To escape from the attacker
Companion protector breeds were raise to have no loose skin or any type of excess for human attacker to grab on to. If this parts of the dogs' body get removed the humans has no place where to grab the dog and the dog can escape easily.

To hear better and to pinpoint sound
The ear cropping is done to help the dogs hear better especially to herding breeds, that have hearing very important to detect the attacker.The erect ears is also better able to pinpoint sound which is an important characteristic in a protection breed.

Cosmetic reasons
Cosmetic reason is the main reason why the dogs ears get cropped on now days . The people who do not use they dogs neither as companion protector breeds or herding breeds and they do this cruel procedure for no reason at all.

As I read at Peta dogs usually have their ears cropped when they are just 8 to 12 weeks old. At this stage in their development, the trauma of the procedure can have a strong psychological impact on the maturing pup

Reasons why tail docking is done:

Prevent an assailant from grabbing their tail
This is a reason only for working dogs, or better guard-type breeds. Doing the tail docking procedure will prevent an assailant from grabbing their tail

Cleaner fur 
This procedure is done to herding breeds to prevent feces from building up in the fur,so the dog remains nice and clear .

Cosmetic reasons
Cosmetic reason is  again the main reason why the dog tails get docked on modern times. There is no reason to do this cruel procedure to our fur friends.  In my opinion the dogs are prettier and look better in their natural appeal .

What do you think of this procedures? Do you know any dog with cropped ears or tail docked ?