It's a good thing to do a little look up around my few months of blogging , and I would like to start this from the beginning , when I posted my first post introducing to you my dog Doni. That was the time when the fun began and my great and wonderful adventure started.

Meet Doni

and through  these months I wrote 34 posts including this one,   my most popular post that you should read in my blog are of course :

1.Funniest dog gifs
2.Christmas dogs
3.10 stunning facts about dogs
4.The dalmatian friends
5.Discover the german shorthaired pointer dog

Special thanks go to my readers that like my dog stories :), who are from all over the world, but the top countries are:

United States 70%
United Kingdom

At last but not least I wish to thank  all the experienced bloggers that helped me getting started .The community of pet  bloggers is amazing , they are ready to answer every question you have, and this helped me a lot . I would specially thank Ann Staub  , Felissa Elfenbein ,  Jessica Rhae Williamsand , Kimberly Morris Gauthier and of course all the community on Blogpaws.

Hope that 2013 was a very good year for all of you and  I wish you all a  prosperous New Year, full of joy happiness and success!