The Russian Bear Dog is a really big dog breed that I heard on Twitter and it made me a little curious. I had so little information for this dog at the beginning  and after knowing more about  the Russian Bear Dog  I thought that you guys will love this huge but in my eyes cute and sweet dogs.

1.Height of the Russian Bear Dog

They are very big dogs and can be even bigger than the description below

Males: Desirable height 28 – 29 inches (72-75 cm); Minimum 26,5 inches (68 cm).
Females: Desirable height 26 – 27 inches (67-70 cm); Minimum 25 inches (64 cm).


With all that big and tall body of course they are going to be very heavy too! Males going from a minimum of 110 pounds (50 kg) and females to a minimum of 99 pounds (45 kg).

3.Different names

At first when i began my search i found it very difficult to gather information and this because of the many different names the Russian Bear Dog in known. Some of the names are :

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  • Caucasian Sheepdog 
  • Caucasian Ovcharka 
  • Caucasian Owcharka 
  • Caucasian Mountain Dog 
  • Russian Caucasian Ovtcharka 


The Russian Bear Dog original purpose was to protect livestock. Unless properly socialized and trained,the Russian Bear Dog or the Caucasian Shepherd may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies. It is very brave, alert, strong and hardy. It doesn't accept people it doesn't know and has a powerful urge to defend. Everything and everyone who belongs to the family, including children, cats, other dogs, etc., will be regarded by this dog as part of "its" family and will be respected and protected. This dog should not be left alone with children, because if play becomes too rough your children may get hurt.

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With all that bad temperament I think no one of you is willing to take that big fluffy dog as a pet , well i would . I think that if they are trained as they are still puppies every thing is going to be all right . I would love to have a dog like this . What about you ? Can you make him a part of your family ?