Dogs bring so much joy in our lives and we share lots of amazing and funny moments with them. Have you ever felt full of positivity and forgot about your problems as soon as you were close to your furry friend? It is because dogs have a friendly and positive vibes that spread and make us smile instantly. Dogs are highly social and communicate using various facial expressions, being very amusing sometimes. They are experiencing lots of emotions like us, their faces become sweet and adorable. Dogs are loving, attention needy, jealous etc. Small breeds are highly expressive and are preferred by most people due to their small sizes and characteristics as well as to their abilities to adapt to almost any living conditions. has created a collection of photos received from customers with their adorable puppies in various contexts. We tried to find out what these adorable dogs were thinking of. Let’s have some fun!!!

Don’t tickle me, I cannot control myself

I am busy now, let me alone, I am having fun with my toys!

I won’t come, I like my seat, it’s very comfortable. Thanks for making it softer 

Hey, what are you doing there? Come and play with me! I’m ready to get outside.

I hate labels. I have to remove this immediately.

I’m the prettiest in this house. Do you like my selfie?

Photo session is starting now. Oh, God, I am so precious! Will it be fine if I look down? How do I look like that? 

But of course I keep an eye on you! You are such a bad driver. I have to protect my lady.

Ya, you are talking too much like always. Say quickly what you have to say, I won’t listen to you all day long.

I feel sad because you left me with my inanimate friend and he doesn’t pay me any attention.

I was thinking about a good play session. I keep dreaming about it since the last one.

Tell me more, I am all ears.

Hey, what’s on your head? It hurts, don’t you know? 

I’m fine here, thanks. My corner is full of toys and I don’t need anything else.

Take me a photo right now. I’m the king of the couch. 

Let me dream, it’s Sunday and I don’t have enough energy for other stuff. 

Hey, look at me! I’m gonna make a magic trick with this bowl.