It's a beautiful time of the year our birthday and I think a joyful day must be for your dog too! So basically  what can you give to your dog to make them happy ? First would be of course food and than entertainment . Your special dog of course must feel joy on his/ her  special day .

So some birthday gift ideas for your dog might be :

1. Peanut Butter Delight Pupcakes

Such a fancy name don't you think :p .I found this really easy and tasty-looking peanut butter recipe from RUN DMT .It's dog-friendly and has also simple ingredients that you can find anywhere.

 2. Personalized frisbee from PrideBites

A really nice and beautiful toy which will make your dog happy. This toy has some qualities like:
  • Squeaks & Floats
  • Personalized with your dog’s name and image 
  • Machine Washable  
You can use code YOURSPECIALDOG to save 20% from your order!

3.  Dog House/Fort

Make your dog feel special

4. A personalized placemat

Your dog will surely look cool with this this fancy placemat . It is personalized and it helps keep the place clean .

5. A slice of pica

Your saw it well a pica slice toy . It looks like food and it feels like game :P . I bet your dog will really love this

If you made something really unique and special to your dog as a birthday gift , please share it with us in the comments below :D