I wish to share with you some of the top products I myself use and have enjoyed . These products are useful and beautiful and made me and Doni feel good and also look good in these summer days .

Waterproof Collar

So dogs come first and the product. I think is a really useful product and seems that Doni also really enjoys. I am talking about is a Waterproof Collar by Pridebites that is
  1. Adjustable
  2. Maintenance free  
  3. Waterproof 
  4. Personalized with your dog's name and phone number 
  5. Odor resistant

What I need more from a collar that is waterproof ? .. well nothing more  :P
Use code YOURSPECIALDOG for a 20% discount off  your order   

Doglover Beach Towel

The fresh sea colors and the dog paw mark with a heart makes this towel perfect for a doglover person . Well in my opinion this can also be used by your dog ... i mean it is so adorable :D

LOVEROPE bracelet

Totally  in love with this vegan leather , simple meaningful and customizable bracelet .

You can go to their website and pick a color by your choice and also put a short saying or word that has a big value for you. I used also a code for a 20% discount:  ESSENCELOVE20

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