A dog nipping a newborn should never happen. Preventing a dog from nipping a newborn starts before you bring your new baby home. Your dog has no idea a new family member is being added to the household. There are a few ways to socialize your dog to your new baby before it arrives home.

  1. Bring a blanket that smells like the baby and give it to the dog.
  2. Let the dog sniff the baby while you are holding it.
  3. Make sure to spend time with the dog and not lose focus on your friendship.
  4. Don't be overprotective of the baby, it signals the dog to be overprotective of you.
  5. Include the dog in the excitement, hold baby on one side and pet the dog on the other.

Ways To Prevent Dog From Nipping At A Newborn

Dogs feel jealousy just like humans, but don't have an understanding of what's happening. The best preventative if your dog is nipping at the newborn is to make sure the baby is always out of reach. Putting your dog outside or in a secured area of your home while tending to the baby is suggested. You don't want to disclude your dog for his behavior. Spending time with your dog without the baby involved can help relieve some of the bad behaviors. Reassuring your pet that "it's fine" and "everything will be alright" can help him adjust to having a newborn around.

Don't fret too much beyond keeping the baby safe. Babies, like puppies, grow fast. In no time at all your baby will be walking and your dog will have a new pal to protect. They'll fast become friends and you'll forget all about the dog nipping at your newborn. Being patient, aware, and firm with your dog will help you get through that tough first year of having a growing newborn.